Identifying Your Design Style

Identifying Your Design Style

Style can be interpreted in so many ways. It's defined by how we feel when we enter a room - the things we notice and feel drawn to. Below are six of the most common design styles and elements can be drawn from all of them to accent your home...making it your own.

FARMHOUSE style - If you are drawn to the farmhouse style, you appreciate items that are homemade and authentic. You appreciate the story behind a piece. You don't want your surroundings to feel ostentatious, but rather grounded and humble. You prefer the inherent texture of aged materials.

MODERN style - If you like this style, you prefer a minimal look. You are happiest when your space is pared down to the essentials. You prefer clean lines in your furniture, cabinets and light fixtures. Beauty is in the simplicity of your space. Everyday items that are displayed are practical, not excessive. 

RUSTIC style - This style takes its cue from nature. It involves a lot of the same principles as farmhouse style, with a particular focus on texture and materials. It is more about textures and organic elements, like raw wood beams, natural stone accents, and authentic hardwoods.

INDUSTRIAL style - This style shares the fundamentals of rustic style, but within an urban environment. You appreciate materials in their raw, unfinished form. This style is emphasized with elements like exposed ductwork and concrete floors. Your style focuses on efficiency and multiuse. You typically repurpose items to serve new functions.

TRADITIONAL style - This style emphasizes historic details and classic shapes. You appreciate traces of adornment and embellishment in your furniture.  Architectural elements, such as heavy trimwork, paneled doors, and built-in cabinetry are appreciated. If this is your basic style, you are likely to approach the design of your home using tried-and-true techniques rather than attempting to try the unexpected.

BOHO style - If this is your style, you focus on objects that are rich with character and detail, but are expressed in a casual, free-form way than the traditionalist. This style strives to be vibrant, irreverent, and quirky. You like to chart your own course and are drawn to vivid colors, bold textures, and mismatched patterns. You don't mind organized clutter. To you, layers and collections are indicators of a well-loved home.

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