Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look More Luxe

Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look More Luxe

You don't have to do a kitchen renovation to make your kitchen feel more luxe. Making small adjustments to fine details can elevate the space into a room that feels curated, expertly designed, and refined. 

1. Unclutter Your Space

Kitchens can often feel full of's a busy place! Get into the habit of putting things their own space, where they belong. Have a place for everything. The most luxurious looking and feeling kitchens are organized and clean. Having enough storage space will enable you to display only the necessary items.

2. Invest in Hardware

Cabinet pulls or knobs are basically the jewelry of the kitchen, bringing a metallic pop, or adding texture and shape to your cabinets. The latest trends are geometric shapes, as well as mixed metals from polished nickel to stainless steel. If you can find hardware with patina, all the better!

3. Faucet Focus

If hardware is the jewelry, the faucet is the necklace. Luxurious finishes like aged iron or brass can make the kitchen look more special. Matte. black and gun metal also make a striking statement.

4. Conceal Utilitarian Elements

From utensils to appliances, exposed bins and loose wires, unattractive elements can easily ruin a calming vibe. Concealing the appliances can make your kitchen feel sleek when you remove these utilitarian elements. Hide the kitchen trash bin for immediate effect (behind a cabinet door works!). If possible, conceal large appliances behind cabinet door fronts. Investing in panel-ready appliances seamlessly integrates your appliance into your cabinetry for a cohesive and streamlined look. 

5. Consider Handcrafted Decor & Furniture

The kitchen has evolved to become another room for personal expression so incorporate decor into the space. Use kitchen shelving for a platform to display your favorite bits and pieces, and purposefully curated trays for fresh foliage or even a candle. You can incorporate larger pieces if space allows, like handcrafted kitchen islands or pantry cabinets. 

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6. Bring in Stone

If you can afford to upgrade your countertops, try using natural stone such as travertine, granite, lava stone or heavily-veined marble. These countertops will give your kitchen an expensive look, even if the rest of the finishes are simple and affordable. On a smaller scale, bring in touches of natural stone in smaller decorative objects like a mortar and pestle, a chopping board or a vase.

7. Embrace a Refined Palette

A neutral color scheme exudes luxury in the kitchen, whereas something bold and color-filled will feel trendy. Neutral shades of warm beige tones and off-white are always classic. These colors work well mixed with varied textures like stone, matte metal fixtures and warm woods. Cabinets are easy to paint, they just might need a good sanding first. You can also introduce color through a quick backsplash job or paint the walls of the room in a warm color to create a timeless palette. Warm greys and beiges for the cabinets is perfect for this. If you want to bring in more color, use rich jewel tones, muted greens or navy blues.



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