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Room/Linen Sprays with Essential Oils

Room/Linen Sprays with Essential Oils

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Unlike commercial sprays that contain alcohol and chemicals, our room sprays only contain distilled water and our proprietary essential oils. Our essential oils — extracted from leaves, fruit peels, petals, and other plant parts — capture nature's subtle fragrances and can refresh your living space.

Two sizes: 300ml in an amber-colored, refillable bottle and 160ml in a plastic bottle. What can you do with these sprays?

1)  Room sprays are a great way to freshen up a room or area.  Spray throughout the room.  The mist of any of our sprays with essential oils will infuse the air with a beautiful scent. 

2)  Spray a bit on your pillow for a good nights sleep.  Our Lavender & Mint and our Eucalyptus & Bergamot sprays are great for this.

3) Sometimes the bathroom just needs a pick me up. For this job, I recommend our Cool Citrus Basil, Clean Cotton and Lemongrass Sage sprays. Choose the convenient travel size to take with you wherever you go...just spray 5 times into a toilet bowl before you go to make sure the room smells fresh when you leave.!

4)  Spray some on your body, on your wrists, back of neck, to provide a pick me up or relaxing mood. Our Patchouli spray is perfect year-round.

5) Can't think?  Try our Sandalwood & Teak spray. It works wonders for clearing the mind.

6) Freshen your vehicle with any of our room sprays. The 160ml size is perfect for the car!

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