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Palo Santo Smudging Sticks from Ecuador

Palo Santo Smudging Sticks from Ecuador

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Bursera graveolens, known in Spanish as Palo Santo, is a wild tree native to coastal South America. It belongs to the same family as copal, myrrh and frankincense. It has a distinct aroma, described as "citrusy-mint" and has been used holistically for centuries to treat physical and emotional ailments, like flu and depression. 

Distilling Palo Santo is a very lengthy and expensive process; it takes a very long time and skills to distill just one liter. The oil that you see on your stick comes from a natural process — there's oil and resin inside a stick naturally.

All our Palo Santo products are wildcrafted and sustainably harvested. Because Palo Santo wood can only be harvested after it has naturally fallen and left to dry for some time, the wood is extracted from Ecuadorian reserves in a way that promotes the sustainability and reforestation of the tree itself. This ultimately respects the sanctity of the wood and allows for its continued growth. These botanicals are harvested as a means of supporting the social and economic welfare of local communities.

Sold in 5-pc. bundles, these sticks will burn for hours. 

How to light: 1) Light while holding the stick downward at a 45' angle. It may take several seconds to catch. 2) Let the flame go out by itself so that only a steady stream of smoke remains. 3) Place in incense burner. It will burn out by itself or you may extinguish with water. Do not leave unattended.

Use with any of our bukhur burners.

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